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    We are a counselling group that has integrated worldviews with research-based therapeutic modalities to serve clients from all walks of life, faith backgrounds, cultures, and sexualities.

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    From individuals to couples, families to group therapy approaches, we are well-equipped with the training and experience to meet your unique goals.

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    Find your inner strength

    Work with professional counsellors to reconnect with yourself, your partner, or your family.

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Our Clinical Counsellors

Stephen Ching
MA, Canadian Certified Counsellor (CCC)

  Many of us at times have encountered difficult, perhaps overwhelming, life experiences. This may include feelings of being stuck, or having experienced pain or shame in some way. As I get to know my clients more closely, what continues to inspire me is...

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Chantel Rodericks
Clinical Counsellor

I am here to provide guidance to achieve your goals, experience growth, and feel supported in life's challenges.

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What our clients have to say

  • Chantel was truly amazing. Her ability to listen and give feedback in a respectful and helpful manner was incredible. The lessons she walked us through have created and restored a wonderful relationship with my husband. I will miss her greatly.

  • I feel that the tools I have learned have helped me clear the path to reach my goals.

  • Chantel was such an amazing counsellor, she has changed my life forever.

  • I was very nervous and uneasy about attending a counsellor, but after the first 2 sessions with Stephen I realized it was working to address my reasons for going – 4 months later I wish I had attended sooner.

  • Stephen really seemed to grasp what I was saying and made me feel normal. Being able to express my problems and even my secrets to him really shows his ability to put you first and allow you to express yourself.

  • Chantel is amazing to work with and has helped me grow in a way I had no idea I could.

  • Stephen has been very attentive and informative during our counselling sessions. His input and understanding have allowed me to address issues I kept bundled up inside of me for a long time and allowed me to find answers to why I am who I am.

  • Chantel’s ability to listen and give feedback and information that works for my wife and I was amazing. She will truly be missed and I could not thank her enough for what she has done for my marriage.

  • Stephen is more than just what a therapist is by definition, he creates a strong foundational bond in our relationship that is well needed for trust and security.

  • Stephen truly cares and wants what’s best for you.